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[ KE200U ] VGA USB KVM Extender 200m
The USB KVM Extender, KE-200U allows you to extend source computer’s video and USB, keyboard/mouse upon maximum 200 meter distance to one monitor or projector. With the built-in video and keyboard/mouse signals enhancement, you can gain the best video resolution quality. No software is required and furthermore the installation and operation are easily more than expected. From use in extension bench facilities of video, this product, KE-200U delivers perfect performance and value.
Extend the Keyboard / Video / Mouse signal by Cat5/5e/6 cable.
Control your system through USB connection from both local and remote console.
Push button at local side to select active console.
Available active console option: local console / remote console / both consoles.
Support connection of USB keyboard/mouse for local and remote console.
Support connection of USB interface to computer at local side.
Support high resolution video - Up to 1280x1024 @ 60Hz for distances of up to 200 meters.
Support VGA, SVGA and multisync monitors.
DDC2B support for remote monitor.
Adjustable control of focus, brightness to improve video quality at remote side.
No software or driver installation required.
Compatible with most commonly used operating systems like DOS, Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/2003 server, Linux, Mac OS9/OSX and Sun Microsystems.
Support BIOS level operation.
LEDs on each device to indicate the active console and connection status.
Firmware upgradeable at remote side.
Made in Taiwan.
Suggest using STP Cat5 cable, use other poor quality cable may lead to signal weaken that unable to achieve the satisfactory performance. 
1 x KE200U
1 x USB & VGA Cable
2 x DC 5V 2000mA Power Adaptor
Model KE-200U-Transmitter KE-200U-Receiver
Console VGA OUT HDB-15 ( Female ) HDB-15 ( Female )
USB Keyboard USB Type A (Female) USB Type A (Female)
mouse USB Type A (Female) USB Type A (Female)
PC Connectors VGA/KB/MS IN HDB-15 (Male) N/A
USB USB Type B (Female)
Extend Port RJ-45 For VGA/HID Output For VGA/HID Input
Video Adjustment ocus N/A 1 x VR
brightness 1 x VR
LED indicated local selected Right Red LED Right Red LED
active Right Green LED Right Green LED
remote selected Left Red LED Left Red LED
active Left Green LED Left Green LED
Local / Remote switch Button Yes No
DDC, DDC2 monitor Remote Support DDC2B
Cat type & Length CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 . Max. Length : 200M
Resolution 1280x1024(60HZ)@200m
Firmware Upgrade Available at remote side
Operating systems supported Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/2003 Server, Linux
Mac OS9/OSX and Sun Microsystems
Power Supply DC 5V / 2A Adaptor
Dimension ( LxWxH ) 127 x 67.2 x 27.5 mm
Unit Weight 300g 350g
Housing material Metal
Operating Temperature 32~ 122°F (0~ 50°C )
Humidity 0%~80%RH


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