The HDMI + IR + RS-232 signal is extended point-to-point by 120 meters through the network route, with a resolution of 1080P 60Hz.

Through IGMP Giga Switch, it can achieve 1 input and multi-output synchronous display / multi-input and 1 output switching display / multi-input and multi-output matrix cross display.

Hardware design, no need to install additional software.

Comply with TCP / IP protocol.

The picture quality is clear and no delay situation.

Support for LPCM audio formats.

Built-in LED indicator to display the corresponding input signal source or display device.

Built-in button switch and IR to select different signal sources or display devices.

Support both transmitter and receiver have output signal.

Meet the HDCP standard.

By pass 2 way UART/RS232 (Up to 115200), use remote controller to select 8 group Baud rate.

The color of the product is only for reference , subject to the factory color.

Note1:If you need many-to-many transmission, please inform the sales staff when ordering, and change the settings before shipment.

Note2:The TX signal can be switched to a TV display. Please note that all TX indicators cannot have duplicate numbers, otherwise RX will not display properly.

2 x DC5V 1A

4 x IR Cable

2 x Phoenix plugs for RS232 cable termination

2 x IR (Without battery)

1 x User Manual






Transmitter port 1 x HDMI in /  1 x HDMI out  /  2 x IR  /  1 x RS-232/  1 x RJ-45
Receiver port 1 x HDMI out /  2 x IR  /  1 x RS-232  /  1 x RJ-45
Streaming Bit Rate 15Mbps
Video Resolution 480i / 480p / 576i / 576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p @60HZ
Control mode IR, Button
RS232 Phoenix RS232 port
IR IR TX port (Support 38K-56KHz) IR Ext port (Support 38KHz)
RS232 Baud rate Default 2400bps, total 8 kinds optional
Dimension Tx: 119 x 79.5 x 28mm ; Rx: 119 x 79.5 x 28mm
Net Weight TX: 0.28KG ; RX:0.28KG
Power Supply DC 5V 1A
Housing Metal enclosure
Operation temperature -5~35°C
Operating Humidity Range 5 to 90%RH (No Condensation)

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