HDMI USB KVM Extender with Audio
Support 200meters


About CK3000

[ CK3000 ] HDMI + USB keyboard and mouse + audio transmission through the network route, point-to-point distance up to 200 meters, resolution up to 1080P 60Hz. Through the Giga Switch can be expanded to 1 in and multi out .

Multipurpose in one machine ,easily DIY to achieve extend computer control and simple HDMI signal extension + synchronous distribution function, in the future need to expand the device only have to buy the receiver, economical and convenient.

Extend the HDMI + USB keyboard mouse + sound signal point-to-point by 200 meters through the network route, with a resolution of 720P/1080P @60Hz.

Built-in transmitter HDMI signal local out, can be connected to a screen monitor at the near end.

Trough Giga Switch can achieve point-to-multipoint transmission.

Pure hardware design, plug and play, no need to install additional software.

Support for sound embedding and de-embedding. (Cannot be embedded and de-embedded at the same time)

Note 1. The remote can connect up to 2 sets of keyboards and mouse of the same brand model.

Note 2. The remote end can be connected to multiple HDMI screens.

Note 3. Support computer and monitoring system USB mouse and keyboard, do not support industrial computer USB mouse and keyboard.

2 x 5V Power Supply

1 x HDMI Cable

1 x USB2.0 Cable

1 x User Manual






Transmitter port 1 x HDMI in, 1 x HDMI out, 1 x 3.5mm in, 1 x USB in, 1 x RJ-45 out
Output 1 x HDMI out, 1 x 3.5mm out, 2 x USB Keyboard Mouse out, 1 x RJ-45 in,
Video Resolution 1080P @60Hz
Transmission Distance 200m(Max)
USB Transmit Speed 480M bit/s (Max)
Material Metal
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 40°C
Operating Humidity Range 5 to 85% RH
Power Supply AC 110V-240V 50/60HZ DC 5V
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 146 × 91 × 26 mm (TX or RX)
Mass (Main unit) 262g (Tx or Rx)

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